For the 12th time, the winemakers of the Villány-Siklós Wine Route will present their premium wines from Villány. You can also taste excellent Francs and Villány REDys at the community stand. The 12th Villány Premium Wine Tasting Show starts on Saturday 23 September at 16:30 at the Kodály Centre in Pécs.

The participating wineries: Blum Cellar, Bock Cellar, Csányi Winery, Gere Attila Winery, Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery, Günzer Tamás Winery, Jackfall Wine Manufacture, Koch Csaba VinArt Winery, Maczkó Wine House, Mokos Winery, Polgár Winery, Sauska, Vylyan Winery, Villányi REDy communal stand

Tickets: https://jegymester.hu/production/381699/bormustra/38028581

Discover how the diversity of the Villány wine region is expressed in the PRÉMIUM Villány wines of protected origin and the REDy wines, which are a clear proof of the conscientiousness and commitment to quality of our winemakers!

Premium, that is high quality. In 2006, the Villány wine region was the first in the country to develop a comprehensive system of origin protection. Wines classified as premium meet stricter requirements than classicus, have a unique vineyard character and additional specific values on the part of the winemaker, the winery.

The trademark of our protected wines is the Hungarian Crocus, a sign of the protection and authenticity of all Villány wines. Just as the crocus is a protected plant of the Hungarian fauna, we protect the origin and character of Villány wine as a treasure of Hungarian wine culture.

Our flagship is the Villányi Franc, an artist of elegance, balance and finesse, which shows its versatility by allowing the personality of the winemaker to shine through alongside the varietal character. Aged in oak barrels for at least a year, it also benefits from long bottle-ageing.

The happy, smiling face of Villány, Villányi REDy is the fruity, youthful, charming, cheeky, cool bistro wine. The character of the wine is determined by the traditional Villány grape, Portugieser, but the blend can also include Blauburger, Zweigelt, Kadarka, Kékfrankos and other varieties native to Villány.


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