Ördögkatlan Festival

Ördögkatlan is a celebration of culture, quality, humanity, a festival of all the arts: theatre, music, party, visual arts, family programmes, literature – being together. It is one of the best festivals in the Villány wine region and we heartily recommend it. If you’re staying here during the event, it’s worth booking early, as there is a full house every year.

This year the festival focuses on the life and art of Tamás Cseh, who would have turned 80 in 2023. The exhibition „Bakony Indians” or the Cseh Tamás Room, a room in the sub-let of Iskola Street, where you can write lyrics to the artist’s melody fragments, will commemorate him. There will be many concerts, including “Smoke in his eyes”, “The next day” and the gems of the concerts of many bands – 30Y, Kiscsillag, Esti Kornél… – will be songs written by Tamás and Géza and sung by Bandi Lovasi, Zoli Beck and others.

The guests of honour this year are János Másik, the House of Hungarian Music and the ten-year-old Jurányi. The universal talent of the Hungarian underground, János Másik, has long deserved the title, while the Hungarian House of Music, which last year occupied the church in Nagyharsány, will have a special stage in Beremend this year. The Jurányi House, a haven for indie artists, will bring theatre performances by many young and free artists.

And, of course, there are many familiar venues and teams: the Miklós Both Court, the Pécs Liberal Arts’ Court, the House of Traditions, the literary and jazz afternoons of the Vylyan Terrace… While we can also expect “debutantes”, such as the world-famous theatre director Tim Carroll’s workshop and the music of the French Kaophonic Tribu, Freak Fusion’s juggling school and contemporary circus – and the old-newcomer Apertura Company, the “reincarnation” of k2 Theatre.


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