Summer Events in Villány

Summer months are full with buzzing since nobody like to spend the weekends among the four walls. Villányi wine region prepares several programs in these months for those who aimed the Hungarian Mediterraneaum for a longer or shorter stay. It is worth to visit us and relax with concerts, hiking, plays, biking, festivals – beside the wines.  

Rolling vineyards – 22nd June. 

Tours on foot and by bike and hiking in the wine region of Villány on three different routes! The Tenkes 20 and 40 power walk with 805 elevation on the ridge of Villány-mountains is a real challenge for those who get comfy themselves in the seat of the bike.
During the 10 km walk of Tenkes Picnic the visitors can get acquainted with the cellars of Tenkes hill, taste the wines, have lunch and even have a swimming. On Villány-Siklós joyride you can bike 15 or 25 km from Villány to Siklós Castle. Meanwhile on the refreshing spots you can taste the several delicacies of the local gastronomy: wines, home made soft drinks, home made ice creams, cheese and stifolder.

Rosé Marathon of Villány – 12-13th July

In this year Villány organizes again one of its most successful event – Rosé Festival which celebrates the most popular drink of the summer. It awaits everybody with wines, gastro delicacies, concerts and the unmissable Rosé Marathon.

This time the town turns into pink, everybody drinks ice cold rosé and spritzers. The runners wear colourful and funny costumes since on the Saturday race not only the speed but also creativity is awarded. The distance is not long and the emphasis is on the atmosphere and summer experience. At the refreshing points rosé spritzer and raspberry drink awaits the runners.

Castle Garden Nights – 9-12th July 

In the garden of Siklós Castle excellent art performances, plays, concerts await everybody. We can see Oscar comedy, Károly Gesztesi, Dénes Száraz, Bernadett Gregor and Endre Beleznay perform in Minister makes a slip, Dumaszínház ensures really happy minutes, and Csárdás Queen an all time favourite.

XXVI. Bath Festival in Harkány – 19-21st July 

It is one of the most popular events of the bath town. Several programs, concerts, children shows, dance performances, family and sport events await the guests. Beside of the popular Hungarian bands the performance of the folk bands from the neighbouring villages and Harkány also enrich the event. During the 3 days long event everybody can find the interesting programs – the young ones, the old ones and families too.

12th Ördögkatlan Festival – 30th July – 3rd August

An all-in art festival which is characterized by multiple genres. Their aim to introduce the cultural values of the area and to show as many genres as possible. The visitors of the festival can choose among theatre plays and dance performances, concerts, family and literature programs, films, and equal opportunity programs. Beside of these exhibitions and craftsman markets are also await the guests.

”If Friday, then Villány”- 2nd August 

The Event Square of Villány awaits the lovers of culture and wines with amazing, free programs and with the nicest wines of Villány. On 2nd August Zaporozsec – the band from Szentgotthárd – will be on the stage. After them Royal plays.

Castle Festival of Siklós – 8-11th August 

The Castle Festival of Siklós is one of the advantaged events of Siklós Castle. This time medieval ages are evoked among the walls of the castle: knight tournaments, spectacular marches, duels, troubadours and battles amuse the guests. Beside of these naturally the market crowd and the continuous events on the stage all ensure to have an unforgettable experience.

During daytime traditionalism will have the main role: the guests can visit a medieval village in the castle garden and in the castle backyard the teams will teach their lore and show their skills to the audience. As in each year the magician, the stilt walkers and the great battle scene will all appear. The march will start on 10th August az 10 AM. In the evenings concerts will amuse the audience.

”If Friday, then Villány” – 16th August 

Villány wines, concerts, street bowl. Az 7 the band – Csak Apa Kedvéért – will start the row of concerts, then Blue Cold Jalapeños performs. The pupils of the Musical Studio of Kőbánya are all committed to the love and respect of Red Hot Chili Peppers so beside of the unmissable singles they will also perform songs from the main periods of the band. Then Sextett band closes the evening.

Sound of Palkonya  – 16-19th August

The mutual, musical wine festival of Irie Maffia and Zing Burger for 3 days, on 5 venues in Palkonya. During the fest several cellars will open its gates and on the farmers’ market the local gastronomic specialties can be purchased. This is an especially children friendly festival: tale tour, Bóbita puppet theatre, children concerts, craftsman workshops and many other programs await the children looking for amusement.

Charity Dinner – 24th August 

The Villány-Siklós Wine Route Organization is 25 years old, and for this occasion the members organize a charity dinner where naturally the excellent wines will also appear.

Harvest Festival of Harkány – 30th August – 1st September

The harvest program ensure amusement for each ages. Harvest cavalcade, concerts, dance performances, and bowl. On Sunday afternoon – after the folk dance gala show – spectacular march dance starts with the participation of many folk dance teams of the region. Beside of these the local wine makers offer their wines.