Five facts about St. Martin day

We finished harvest recently the wines are fermenting and ageing in the cellar and the next amazing period is almost here: the St. Martin day! The celebration of goose dishes and new wines last in whole November at us so it is worth to visit us in Villány and relax in this wonderful wine region.

The origin of St. Martin day

The celebration of 11th November is attached to St. Martin bishop born in Pannonia province. Also connected to the approaching year end and the finishing of the agricultural works. According to the legend St. Martin tried to hide from being a bishop into a goose pen but the animals let him out with their cackling. So this is the origin of the tradition and also such folkways that from the breast bone of the goose they forecast winter weather.

New wines

After the harvest of September and October some wines are ready until the St. Martin day. These we call new wines. The light whites from the steel tanks, the fruity rosés and some reds without long ageing appear on the shelves. This time the wine lovers can have a little look to the new vintage. Due to the early harvest our rosé 2018 is ready so you can surely clink with it at the festal table.


Goose- and duck dishes

It is also a tradition to eat goose or duck dishes this time since “those who do not eat goose on St. Martin day will starve whole year” – as the saying says. We can prepare various courses: crackling, liver, goose soup, goose porridge, different fried poultries with potato and stewed cabbage or other autumn-winter veggies, grape. In Mandula Restaurant we await everybody who like to merge in the reconsidered gastronomic traditions with degustation menu attuned to St. Martin day in whole November.



Villányi wine region offer several programs for the visitors in the whole year. In November many Martin day wine tasting and dinner, traditional new wine welcoming and tasting will be in Villány which are worth to visit! On 10th November there will be St. Martin day cellar walk in Palkonya naturally with new wines and visiting the 5 storeyed cultural heritage cellar row. Also in November: the wine region organizes the Franc & Franc master course and public day where this year you can taste Francs from the new world beside the ones from Villány.

Events in Villány

Crocus Hotel 

November is also about active leisure and gastronomy. We have two packages in Crocus for everybody: Martin day weekdays package is valid for the weekdays between 11th and 30th November, and the Martin day weekends is valid on the weekends between 9th and 30th November. Beside of goose dinner and new wines you can choose among our vinotherapy treatments and wellness and spa services. But our guest can go biking, walk in the vineyards and participate on cellar visit, or just discover the neighbourhood.

Martin day weekdays

Martin day weekends