Autumn events in Villány

The most busy period in a wine region is Autumn. We are in the vineyards from early morning and harvest, collect the cases full with grapes, process the bunches and wait the wine to ferment. Around November we can taste the first bottles. Meanwhile in Villány a row of great events take place so worth to visit us this time too.

31st August – 2nd September 2018. – Harvest Festival of Harkány

Concerts, folk dance, march dance, street ball, traditional programs and many more on the 24th Harvest Festival of Harkány.

7-8th September 2018.– IV. Svabian Musical Weekend

The Svabian Musical Weekend is organized 4th times on the Event Square of Villány. This 2 days is mainly about preserving the German folk traditions. But for adults and children it gives possibility to spend a weekend with music, dance and games.

21-23rd September 2018.– XXII. European Convivial Song Festival

Illustrious male choirs and bands of Europe get together to present this extremely rich musical treasure on a unique Convivial Song Festival inspired by grape and wine.

22nd September 2018. –  8th Premium Wine Muster of Villány
13 premium and 13 light fruity wines from Villány: Villányi Francs and REDys – the two faces of Villány in the Kodály Center (Pécs).

28-29th September 2018. – Harvest Open Cellars of Palkonya.
Wine tastings in the traditional cellar row, harvest festival, cultural and musical programs.

4-7th October 2018. – Red Wine Festival of Villány
This festival is the biggest gastronomy festival of the Villány wine region. For 4 days from Thursday to Sunday the events will happen from the cellars to the Event Square – various musical productions, traditional shows, harvest march, cultural and gastronomic delicacies.  The best wines of the region will be served for the guests.

November 2018  – Welcoming new wine on St. Martin’s day
Traditional welcoming of the new wine – tastings and goose food in Villány wine region.

10th November 2018. – Martin day cellar walk in Palkonya.
Welcoming new wine and wine tasting in the listed 5 level cellar row.

23-24th November 2018. – Franc & Franc Master Course and public day
On this year’s forum – beside of Villányi Francs – our guests can get acquainted with Cabernet Franc from America with the help of foreign lecturers. Similar to the past years the guests can also taste several amazing items in 5 wineries.