Travel green

During the travel and our stay we can find such alternatives which protect our environment. As the part of the Villány wine region we also prefer walking, biking and the team of the hotel frequently attend to foot races.  If our guests like can join us any time even for a mutual early morning run.

Alternative arrival methods

Everybody like to travel comfortable and there are occasions when we can alloy it with environment protection. We can arrive to Villány by train from Pécs, or bus can be an other option. It is also worth to consider that the members of the company should organize the travel to use less cars. We can check the carpooling sites. Pécs and Villány are popular destinations.

For the owners of electric cars we have good news: we have an electric car charger device. We had such Swedish guest who has chosen our hotel considering this option – beside quality gastronomy, wine and wellness. We offer this to our guests since 2016 in terms of environment protection.

Bike, walking, hiking

Villány is not a big town so it is worth to walk or ride a bike. There are nicely renewed bike roads in the neighbourhood and our guests can rent a bike at us. We have 10, but if there is demand we can solve the rent for a bigger company too. We can recommend several destinations.

There are several venues appropriate for walking or hiking: the Szársomlyó hill or the vineyards. But we can recommend less steep options too. We prepare a picnic basket with a blanket, wine and snack to spend the time outside more pleasant.


We almost have a real regular clientage of amateur runners. Excellent terrain – either for shorter or longer distances, looking for a real challenge or cross country running. Our hotel manager – Ferenc Schmidt’s love of running affected our colleagues and it is the 4th year we train as a team and participate on races.

We did twice the National Wine Marathon, we are always there on the Rosé Marathon of Villány, and also participate in local races. This year the team of the Villány wine region was formed: local wine makers and employees joined – so we represent the wine region together in such thematic races connected to wine as the Half Marathon of Szekszárd, the Estate is Running by Hetényi Winery or the Harvest Running of Bóly.