Rosé festival in Villány

Squarely Summer is the best period for rosés. This time it feels good with a glass, or with sparkling water. One of the most popular events of Villány is the Rosé Festival held in mid July.

The Rosé marathon of Villány also happens this time, but nobody be scared, it is not necessary to run long distance in the hot, it is only 3 kilometers. The essence is the happy atmosphere, the competitors have to wear at least one pink garment. In this race not only fastness but the creative dresses are also awarded, and those who wear the most funny ones will receive a rosé selection. Naturally nobody will be left without rosé, at the refreshing points rosé spritzer and raspberry juice will wait for the runners.

We also await the guests with great love. In our wine bar the actual rosé and rosé Frici can be tasted or pink Frici t-shirts and sunglasses can be purchased, if the accessories would be missing. Crocus Gere Wine Hotel also compete in the race, and all those who like can join the happy little team.

In the evenings on the Festival square of Villány colorful concert programs await the guests, with such bands like The Biebers, Anna & the Barbies or Dallos Bogi, so the great atmosphere is guaranteed.