#LoveCrocus game

The point of the game that the participants upload such photos onto Facebook or Instagram sites – with #lovecrocus or #LoveCrocus hashtags – which includes material about Crocus Hotel.

Facebook game participation- and game rules

Application owner: Gere Attila Winery (AKA Kft., 7773 Villány, Erkel Ferenc u. 2/A.)

Period of game: 01.03.2017.  – 31.12.2017.

Terms of participating in the Game:

The participant uploads such photos onto Facebook or Instagram sites – with #lovecrocus or #LoveCrocus hashtags – which includes material about Crocus Hotel.

Date of selecting the winner:

Quarterly one Gere-Crocus Gift package as prize.

Spring: 1st March – 31st May, draw 15th June.

Summer: 1st June – 31st August, draw 15th September.

Autumn: 1st September – 30th November, draw 15th December.

Draw of the Jackpot and the People’s Choice Award: 15.01.2018.

The Organizer announce the Game for the Participant on the Organizer’s official Facebook site: (https://www.facebook.com/crocushotel/)


Quarterly a Gere-Crocus gift package will be drawn which includes the products of Gere Attila Winery (wine, chocolate, verjus, grape seed products, etc.) The content of the gift packages can be various in each period.

The prize at the end of the year is a voucher which ensures two nights accommodation for 2 person in Crocus Gere Wine Hotel. The voucher can be used in 6 months from the issue.

People’s Choice Award: It will be possible to vote for the images with #lovecrocus or #LoveCrocus in the gallery uploaded onto the Facebook site of Crocus Hotel. The maker of the image receives the most like will receive a people’s choice award, which is a wine package includes the wines of Gere Attila Winery.

Other regulations:

Conditions of participation

The participants can be exclusively natural persons over 18. The Organizer and its employees and their relatives are excluded from the game. The participant when participating in the game notes and accepts all these conditions can be found in Participation and game rules.

If the Winner has incapacity then substantive administration connected to the prize and reception of the prize can be made only together with his/her legal representative.

Commitments of the Participant in connection to reception of the prize

The winners will be informed about their winning on a public message written on the Facebook site of Crocus Gere Wine Hotel. Then the Winner has to get into contact with the Organizer  (via e-mail or Facebook message) to receive the prize or the Organizer will be able to send it to him/her. If the Winner does not appear in 14 days after announcing the winner, then looses his/her right for the prize.

The prizes can not be assigned to other person, or exchange to money. The tax paying commitment is born by the Organizer.


The Organizer keeps the right to refuse or remove such images, which are deemed injurious or not appropriate, and with this block the Participant from the game.


By participating in the game the Participant automatically accepts this participation and data handling regulation and – in the case of winning – gives explicit admittance for the Organizers to handle her/his name, email address, address, personal data needed to receive the prize. Due to improper data supplying by the participant (wrong post address, wrong email address, improper name, etc.) the Organizer has no responsibility.

The Organizer does not responsible for the genuineness of the personal data given by the Participants.

Data processing:

During the Game the conditions of the draw can be found on  https://www.facebook.com/crocushotel/ Facebook site. The Organizer keeps the right to change this participation and data handling regulation or cancel the game. This game isn’t supplied, nor  affirmed, or handled by Facebook. This game and Facebook are not in connection. The Organizer frees Facebook totally in connection with this game.

More information: hotel@gere.hu