This Women’s Day weekend we have a little extra programme for those who want to celebrate this special day in Villány!

On the afternoon of Saturday 9 March, we offer a cellar tour and a performance of “Women’s Line” by the Hírös Gastro Theatre, accompanied by a 5-course wine and dessert tasting.

During the cellar tour we will show you the recently completed brand new barrel ageing room, tell you the story of the Gere family, their wines and give you an insight into the day to day operation of the winery.

The show “Women’s Line” will take you through the 5 stages of the development of the female soul. The history of the development is filled with the writings of Sándor Weöres, Attila József, Shakespeare, Virág Erdős and István Örkény, among others. The crowning glory of the performance is that, in addition to the enchanting performances of the actresses, the melodies of cellist Péter Friderikusz will express the ideas of the performance in a different medium.

You can register for the event at etterem@gere.hu.
The cost of the programme is HUF 15.000 per person.

For those who would like to spend a whole weekend in Villány, we recommend our WOMEN’S DAY EXTRA accommodation package.

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