Thematic wine tasting – Winter 2021/22

The summer was very hot, almost without rainfall. Therefore the choice of the optimal harvest time was extremely important. The grape was beautiful and healthy and the optimal harvest time was set 2 weeks earlier. This way the acids were preserved beside of the optimal alcohol content. The wines have „southern” style: elan, complexity and richness. Everything was given for the long ageing potential and for the high quality. We can only admire the result.

We setup our winter tasting around a simple but still special topic. Our last of the year and first for 2022 vintage tasting is 2007 – one of the most outstanding vintages in the past 30 years, and favourite of Attila Gere.

Two thousand seven 2.0
„Or still one of the biggest!”

Weninger & Gere Cuvée Phoenix 2009
Weninger & Gere Pinot noir 2007
Gere Attila Perle (Menoire) 2006
Gere Attila Cabernet Sauvignon barrique 2000
Weninger & GereCabernet Franc selection Magnum1999
Gere Attila Kopár Cuvée 1997 Magnum

With each of our thematic wine tasting we serve special handcrafted cheese selection, fresh bread, 100% Gere grape seed oil and water.

The indicated wine row can be tasted from 6th December 2021 to 6thMarch 2022 exclusively in Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar!

Price of the thematic wine tasting: 19.800,-HUF/person

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