From Cellar to Cellar – Variations for Vincent

On 18th January 2020 the Vincent day traditions will carry on in Villány Wine Region. It is an old tradition that the vine growers predicted the richness of the forthcoming harvest from the weather of Vincent day and the status of the cut “Vincent sticks”. They feasted walking from one cellar to another, tasted each other’s wine, ask the bless of God to the vines and for safety’s sake they apply superstitious practices for the good yield.

The visitors can choose among a morning BARREL, four daytime VINEYARD WALKER and an evening DINING VINCENT programs.

During the BARREL VINCE program the visitors can get acquainted with the wines still ageing in the barrels and taste various snacks. The program is led by the winemakers.

On Saturday from 10AM we offer 5 Gere wines with patties and amazing family and wine stories.

Participation fee: 3 500 HUF/person
Maximum participants: 80
Further information and reservation: + 36 72 492 195

VINYARD WALKER program shows the whole wine region. The region can be visited by bus and the guests will participate on a traditional Vincent Day fiest. The Vineyard walker programs can be reached through 4 routes with unforgettable winter scene, amazing games, fine wines and local delicacies.

You can get information about participation and details on the following contact. Please note that the participation on the vineyard walking routes can be arranged only by appointment.

Virág Viktor
+36 70 777 0998

After whole day standing the visitors can choose among the DINING VINCE programs of the hosts.

In Mandula Restaurant the guests can have a Vincent day 3 course dinner with 1 glass of new wine, which is the gift of the house.

Date and time: 18th January 2020. Saturday 19.30.
Participation fee: 7 500 HUF/person
Maximum participants: 80
Further information and reservation: +36 72 492 195