Autumn programs in Villány

In a wine region the autumn months are about harvest but we do not forget the programs where we can relax a bit. Musical, cultural and gastronomic events, wine tastings, happy festivals and professional events make Autumn colourful.


30th August – 1st September 2019. 

Harvest Festival of Harkány

It is the 25th time this festival is organized.  Harvest cavalcade, concerts, dance performances, ball, and a spectacular march dance starts on Sunday afternoon with the participation of the different nationality dance groups of the region. The wine makers of the region sell their wines and it all ends with fireworks.


6-7th September 2019.

Svabian Musical Weekend and Beer Festival

Svabian Musical Weekend and Beer Festival will be organized again in Villány. Traditional Svabian dishes, drinks and beers and naturally the wine makers of Villány also wait those who like to have fun.


13-15th September 2019. 

Harvest Open Cellars in Palkonya

Wine tasting in the cultural heritage cellars, harvest festival, cultural and musical programs, march of the tractors and exhibitions. An unmissable Autumn program.


27-29th September 2019.

XXIII. European Convivial Song Festival

From the history of the convivial song festivals it is clear: that musical treasure is uniquely rich which was inspired by grape and wine through the ages, cultures and continents. Since 1993 this festival brought many thousands of male singers to the world of convivial songs and excellent Hungarian wines. Beside the participants the enthusiastic audience also gives to the unforgettable and unique atmosphere of the festival. Convivial songs of the nations, cellar concerts and the Premium Wine Muster of Villány awaits the visitors in Kodály Center (Pécs).


4-6th October 2019. 

Villány Red Wine Festival

This festival is one of the most known harvest festival of the country. Since its existence it is the biggest Hungarian event of wine and gastro culture, traditionalism, and colourful art and cultural programs. The events will happen in the main venue – the Event Square of Villány – and also in Diófás sq., in the cellar of Teleki school, in the main square and in the cellar row for 3 days long. Beside of the most popular bands, well known representatives of world and folk music, local and neighbouring traditionalist groups, children programs, street theatres and wine makers of Villány will ensure good atmosphere.


11-13th October 2019. 

Palkonya is Open! ‘Forest treasures, and truffle’

The aim of this event to introduce the cellars individually and also together in each month along to a certain thematic – mainly gastronomy. On this weekend the edible treasures of the forest will be introduced, especially truffle. There will be a truffle picking tour, dinner with truffle with the assistance of Gergely Érsek chef, lots of delicacies and several other programs.


9th November 2019.

Martin day lampion March in Villány

Everybody is awaited to Villány fondly for the traditional Martin day lampion march.  After this to Diófás square where goose lard bread, fried pumpkin can be eaten and mulled wine, punch or hot tea can be drunk by the visitors.


November 2019 

Welcoming the new wine on Martin day

The traditional welcoming and tasting of the new wine and goose meals at several winerier of the wine region in the whole month.


22-23rd November 2019. 

Franc & Franc – Terroir, Vineyards & Vintages International Forum and Tasting Day

As the sign of cooperation of the Villány Wine Region the first Franc&Franc international conference and tasting day was held in 2015. In the past 4 years all considerable European and American Franc grower region had the chance to introduce on this event focusing to this variety. Those who believe in Cabernet Franc and make wine individually from it. In this year the most prestigious professional event of Villány wine region deals with the colourful terroir, the different vintages and the unique characteristics of the vineyards.

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