In the region of Villány viticulture has 1000 years old tradition. The southern slopes of this land are mostly characterized by mediterranean climate, so it can be said, that Villány is the home of full-bodied, fiery red wines.

Beyond the climate it is due to the wonderful natural environment, the expertise and diligence of the people of Villány that Villány red wine is now acknowledged not only in Hungary but also internationally. Both the experts and consumers regard Villány wines as illustrious quality and one of the most popular products of the Hungarian market.

But the high level and competent catering – which formed in line with the wine making – also has an important role in the success of Villány region. Villány people aspire to give special gastronomic experiences to the visitors together with activities, cellar visits, wine tastings, and locally characteristic food and wine sortiment.

Experience all these in one place in the four star CROCUS Gere Wine Hotel, where beyond the selective accomodation and hospitality we awaits the fans of Villány wine region and Gere wines with delicious dishes, unique wellness services and special atmosphere.
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