Programs in Villány

Available: All year

Highlighted events of Villány Wine Region, 2019 

9-10-11th August 2019. – Siklós Castle Festival

Castle and knight games, tooter concerts, farmer’s market, family programs.

16th August 2019. – ”If Friday, then Villány”

Villány wines, concerts, street ball.

16-19th August 2019. – Sound of Palkonya

Music from the cellars to the vine hill! Music festival and open cellars!

17-20th August 2019. – Long Weekend in Harkány

Concerts, family programs, handcraft market.

24th August 2019. – Charity Gala Dinner

Villány-Siklós Wine Path Society is 25 years old.

30th August – 1st September 2019. – Harvest Festival of Harkány

Concerts, traditionalist programs.

13-15th September 2019. – Harvest Open Cellars in Palkonya

Wine tastings in the cellars, harvest festival, cultural and music programs.

27-29th September 2019. – XXIII. European Convivial Song Festival

Wine songs of nations, cellar concerts and the 9th Villányi Premium Wine Muster in the Kodály Center of Pécs.

28th September 2019. – Harvest Rolling Vineyards

Bike tour in the vineyards of Villány wine region, gastro adventures on Tenkes hill.

4-6th October 2019. – Red Wine Festival of Villány

Harvest medley and colorful programs.

November 2019 – Welcoming the new wine on Martin’s Day

Traditional new wine welcoming and tasting, goose meals.

22-23rd November 2019. – Franc & Franc

Forum and public tasting in terms of Villányi Franc.

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