Oura main purpose with Mandula Á la carte restaurant – which can be found in the hotel building and visited freely – to spoil the fans of wine and gastronomy with creative cuisine based on the excellent Hungarian ingredients of Villány wine region.

Mandula Éterem


7773 Villány, Diófás square 4-12.

In the hotel’s building.

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Phone: +36 72 492-952



Opening hours:

Tuesday-Saturday: 12.00-15.00 és 18.00-22.00

Sunday-Monday: 12.00-15.00 és 18.00-21.00

The furniture of our restaurant – which can be found next to the world famous cellar row in the center of Villány, – alloys the civilian atmosphere of the old peace times with the provincial architecture’s rustic style. By using lot of wood, used brick, leather and warm colors it evokes the atmosphere of a bourgeois house’s living room. At the heat of the vine sticks rustling in the fireplace a really heartfelt spirit serves as the worthy circumstance of the gastronomic experience. Occasionally – from spring to autumn – we welcome our guests with spectacle kitchen on the terrace surrounded by the hotel’s garden.

Mandula Separé

Mandula Separé is the intimate parlour of the restaurant, which tempered wine tresors give home for the museum piece wine stock of Mandula Restaurant too. Aged noble brandy specialities, comfortable leather elbow-chairs, chess tables, and heartfelt enterieurs serve the comfort and amusement of the guests.

Mandula Wine Bar

Mandula Wine Bar is a really authentic gustatory place: a rustic style winery and snack bar developed from a Svabian press-house. Classic bistro cuisine, reconsidered and novatory traditional dishes according to the daily offer of the market plus the full sortiment of Gere wines await for our guests arriving to Villány.

Menu offers

With our menu sortiment we would like to provide a unique, peculiar gastronomy which complies with present days’ modern cuisine trends but also originates from authentic Svabian and Hungarian cuisine traditions and characteristic to Villány Wine region.

Since 2011 we opened the door of our kitchen toward the flavors of the world: new fusion creations, gusts span over the continents mixing with the domestic, village cuisine’s masterpieces on our new menu.

We wait our guests with short bistro offer at noon, with a’la carte menu amended with degustation menu on white table cloths covered tables in the evening. During the afternoon hours (between 15 and 17) we recall an old Svabian tradition – the “Kaffee und Kuchen Zeit” (coffee and cake time). Homemade cakes, ice creams and sorbets serve as escort to the coffee specialities.

Degustation menu

If you would like to get a general picture of the current offer of our kitchen then try the taster menu of our chef: we offer the 2,5 hours long gastronomic adventure with wine tasting as requested. In each cases from time to time we wait our guests with new creations putting a given topic on to the place.

Pictures of Mandula Restaurant

Taste the flavours of Villány wine region attuned to Gere wines… (Szabolcs Kozma, chef)

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