CROCUS Resort – Hotel expansion

Logo of the projectFrom EU support AKA Ltd. accomplishes the expansion of the 4 star CROCUS Gere Wine Hotel in order to develop the accommodation capacity in Villány.

AKA Ltd. won 228.110.467.,- HUF EU support on the tender “South-Dunántúl Operative Program Business quarter’s development (i.d.: DDOP-2.1.2-12-2012-0012)” in the New Széchenyi Plan. Due to the 380.184.112 HUF total budget investment not only the expansion of the hotel will be done with 10 rooms, but also new workplaces will be created.

In the hotel – beside of the 10 new rooms – a coffee shop, a wine shop and some parlors will be shaped too.

With the investment 2 new working places will be established expectedly.

The starting date of the project: 01.03.2013.

The planned fulfilling date of the project: 31.12.2014.

„The project is materialized with the support of EU and the part financing of European Regional Development Fund.”


Name/address: Gere Attila, 7773 Villány, Erkel F. u. 2/a.

Phone/fax: +36 72 492839


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