Organic grape and local ingredients

For us the healthy grape is the most important but we also pay attention to environment protection. It is not indifferent that what kind of wine goes into the glass of our customers and our other grape products must be excellent quality too. Just like the meals cooked in Mandula Restaurant’s kitchen from local matrices – if possible.

Organic viticulture

Gere Attila Winery alloys the most modern technology with the wine making traditions of Villány. We farm our 72 hectares of vineyard organically, since beside of the importance of the healthy grape we also pay attention of the protection of our environment.

It is the experience of many years that it is possible to follow organic farming such way that the vines, and the fruits are healthy and the wine goes to the glasses of the customers in a clean and perfect state. Since we use all parts of the grape – in the hotel and restaurant too – it is important to treat our plantations without chemicals.

When making our wines we do our best to show the characteristic nose and taste of Villány terroir. In favour of this we apply a gentle processing technology. Our aim is to produce natural, unique terroire wines.

Grape seed products

We try to use all parts of the grape in the name of zero waste philosophy to protect our environment. First we press the oil from the collected seeds then we grind it.

In the hotel for the wellness treatments we use wine for the wine baths. The beneficial effects of the wine to the skin was discovered a long time ago. Our guests can ask for a massage with grape seed oil too. Both products are our own so we can ensure that our guests can get the best materials.

The grape seed extract – what is produced by us too – is the part of our everyday from the beginning. We consume it frequently and introduce it to everybody since it is almost a wonder substance. Since grape seed can not exert its effect in whole or just scrunched so it needed to be grinded. This way its ingredients can exert their beneficial effects. The extract is available in powder and capsule form, but our favourites are chocolates, nuts and dried fruits with grape seed extract.

Local ingredients

The philosophy of Mandula Restaurant to have a creative kitchen based on the excellent Hungarian ingredients can be found in the wine region. We would like to offer a unique gastronomy comply with present days modern trends but coming from the authentic Svabian and Hungarian kitchen characteristic to the wine region.

For this we use the grape seed extract made at the winery and bake bread with it. And we add the grape seed oil to salads and serve it as welcome snack. We produce verjus from the bunches harvested unripen. The lemonade is the best from it or we use it for dressings.

Beside of our own products we procure the most possible ingredients from the neighbourhood: mushroom, cheese, pickled vegetables, fish. This way we reduce the ecological footmark of the restaurant. The green spices also come from the garden of the hotel.