Green hotel – Energy

Our hotel forms a complete unit with Gere Attila Winery and Mandula Restaurant. As we consider the importance of environment protection in the vineyards and apply organic farming for years, we also try to protect our environment in our other units too.

As a part of a wine region we must remember the nature existing around us. For this nature we can thank our wines so it is out of question, that we have to protect it.

Alternative wall heating and cooling

We can experience that trend in more and more hotels of the world, that the rooms without air conditioning, and wall heating and cooling replace them. This is an environment friendly technique which is effective but less drastic solution. The body can be shattered when adapting great temperature differences, but this way there will be only 8-10 degrees less in the room as outside, which is less strain for us. In most of the new rooms this system operates but our long term aim is to replace the whole climate system. This approach fits the most to the philosophy of the hotel.

Sun collector

The sun collectors produce heat energy used for heating and water warming through the application of the energy of the Sun. Sun energy  is a renewing energy so its application is environment friendly. We gain hot water with the help of the sun collectors can be found on the top of the hotel. This is a part of a complex system, which ensures energy for the hotel stably with the cane boiler, drilled well and the gas furnace. From the 4 gas furnaces we already dismantled 3, which was an important step in the life of the hotel.

Cane heating

As organic winery it was basic, that we use almost all parts of the vine beside of the berries. So beside of wine we produce grape seed products (oil and extract), verjus from the bunches cut during the green harvest, and we do not throw away the cane – it goes to the cane boiler created for this very purpose. We do not handle the cut canes as rubbish, because they ensure heat energy just like all furnaces using wood. We use the produced heat for heating the hotel and making warm water. Due to its nitrogen, potassium and phosphor content the burnt cane can be used as fertilizer, so totally comply to zero waste philosophy.