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The company respects authorial rights and does not use other’s intellectual materials on the website without permission and does not violate the relevant legal rights deliberately. If you come to know the contrary, please inform us immediately, that we can remove the injuria as soon as possible. You are entitled to read website, to make printed copy or download copy onto data medium, but solely for private and not for commercial purpose. It is forbidden to sell the copy of any part of the website for gain, furthermore it is only possible with the owner’s permission to change the website or copy any part of the website into other work, publication, website – either in electronic, either in printed form. Apart from these AKA Manufacturing, Trading and Service Ltd. does not allow any other kind of authorization and right in connection its website. The owner of the website reserves the right to – whenever it is necessary – make any kind of change, correction, modification on the website without prior notice.

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